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Foam Fire Supression:

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There are many situations where water is simply not the best option for putting out a fire, such as businesses and organizations that handle flammable liquids or deal with grease (including commercial kitchens). So what is the best solution for buildings that handle these sorts of highly flammable substances? we recommend foam fire suppression systems.

Where to Use a Foam Fire Suppression System

What sorts of businesses or organizations benefit from a foam fire suppression system? Some of the most common include:

- Commercial kitchens
- Aircraft hangars
- Airports
- Municipal fire departments
- Refineries
- Jet engine test facilities
- Manufacturing plants that deal with flammable substances
- Marine facilities
And more

How Foam Fire Suppression Systems Work

Foam fire suppression systems work by cutting off the fuel source from oxygen and preventing combustion. Once they are applied to a surface, the foam can quickly expand—depending on the type of foam fire suppression system being used, the foam can expand up to 1000 times. High-expansion foams (those that expand at a rate of 200 – 1000 times) are ideal for large areas that need to be filled very quickly, such as airport hangars.
Our Foam Fire Suppression Services

At Expert Fire Engineers, we provide complete foam fire suppression system services, including:

- Installation & replacement
- Repair & maintenance
- Testing

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